Transpires Among Us
Solo Work
Live Sonic Essay / DJ Set, 50 Minutes, 2 Channel Audio
Comissioned by Open Spaces Festival, Berlin Tanzfabrik, October 2022
Transpires Among Us is a sonic essay meditating on my concept of “animating absences,” the lacunae, absences, experiences of grief and exclusions that animate the social. It mixes original compositions from myself, existing electronic music, and spoken word in a hybrid DJ-set format for listening in a lounge-like setting.
Greetings to those who enter here.

Photos: Aaron Williams

Greetings to the fall, which enters here.
Greetings to birds.
Greetings to crows.
Greetings to clouds, and fog from lakes, and trees
Greetings to the forests made of uniform trees, all the same age, seen from the train
Greetings to seasonal change and the approach of the night,
Greetings to the encroachment of the night
Greetings to you,
Greetings to the bags you carried with you,
Greetings to the bags you left at home,
Greetings to baggage.
Greetings to the animating absence you brought here with you in your pocket.
Greetings to your imagination,
To the memories this season brought you
Greetings to their return.
Greetings to the empty place of the one you miss so much
Greetings to that place next to you.​​​​​​​
Greetings to the presence in your neighbor that has yet to be actualized
Greetings to what has yet to transpire here.