Lyrics for "The Chase" can be found on Soundcloud
"Reverse" is a track created during my residency with Amplify Berlin in April 2020. To read more about "Reverse," see my interview with co-resident Xenia Taniko Dwertmann on Amplify Berlin's website here.
Sort of an interlude type track for an unmade album, 2020
"Radio Dirge" originally aired on for the Amplify Berlin radio show in April, 2020. Arundhati Roy reading from her essay "The Pandemic is a Portal" grounds a composition of original music and field recordings. Meant as an audio-walk.
Sound piece premiered live at "What's That Noise" at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, in February 2019.
This original composition works with Midori Takada's "Crossing" from her album "Through the Looking Glass" and recomposes it using a single hardware sampler. This is a live recording.
Released 11 December 2019