AUSTERITY MEASURES was a one-time collaborative exhibition between myself, Demian Diné Yazhi’, and keyon gaskin, with contributions by sidony o'neal, curated by Will Elder for the Littman Gallery, October 8th - 31st, 2014.
Over the course of the exhibition, visitors to the exhibition were each asked to answer a questionnaire in order to obtain rightful entry to the gallery.
List of works: 

Application for Entry (Littman Gallery), Mars Dietz, Demian Diné Yazhi’, keyon gaskin, sidony o'neal
administered by Littman Gallery attendants

(police commands), Mars Dietz, Demian Diné Yazhi’ and keyon gaskin
spraypaint on wall 

leetso (yellow dirt), Demian Diné Yazhi’
pvc dirt and sign from an Indian Reservation 

doc, keyon gaskin 
performance on opening night

untitled (STATE-), Mars Dietz
instructions for spraypaint