First shown in 2016 at KunstHaus KuLe, "No Main Switch" uses audio samples from publicly available online lectures and interviews with the world-making, visionary scholars Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Saidiya Hartman, and Alexander Weheliye. As Ruth Wilson Gilmore says, "analysis and dismantling or reconfiguring a system are inseparable activities. We have to analyze to make the change." 
The work "No Main Switch" is not a piece, but more of a format or citational practice - bringing together the language of these scholars in a sort of sonic bibliography, the work starts out as a DJ-like collage featuring quotes and sampled songs, and then turns into an improvisational DJ set with music being mixed live. 
"No Main Switch" emerged as a first foray into the practice of DJing as an interventionist technique. It was a creative and emotional response to the mainstreaming of club formats in Berlin, where clubbing can too often become about the consumption of streamlined forms of pleasure through masculinist domination, affect-extraction and the taking of space, rather than an insurgent space for marginalized identities to practice and experience togetherness and complex emotionalities. "No Main Switch" uses the opportunity of the DJ format, its amplification and its opportunity to break into one's mind through the ear both consciously and subconsciously, involving speech that refuses to deny the underlying social, colonial and post-genocidal structure that forms this colonizing capital of Europe.