neno ios cie ge (ἆς θελετ᾿ ὔμμες)
Solo Work
Original Composition, 5:16 Minutes, 2 Channel Audio
Comissioned by ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS for the compilation album “Homecoming - Greatest Hits!” Released 2022
Supported by Fonds Darstellende Kunst in Cooperation with Ballhaus Ost
This work was comissioned by ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS for their language project “Homecoming - Greatest Hits!” which is a compilation of original music written in their new queer language, Damia. “neno ios cie ge” translates a one-line fragment of Sappho into Damia, which translates in English as “as long as you want.” The piece is a sonification of the Sapphic fragment, featuring melodic and rythmic instrumentation in the scale Sappho is said to have used, as well as field recordings of ocean waves.