Nadezhda Kutepova is a human rights lawyer from Ozerk, Russia, a formerly secret city that was part of the Soviet Union’s international archipelago of nuclear extraction and weapons productions facilities. This sprawling project reached from her hometown in Russia to the uranium mines of Erzgebirge, East Germany, all the way the Semipalatinsk explosion fields of Eastern Kazakhstan and beyond. Kutepova had to flee Russia after being accused of international espionage. She currently lives under political asylum in France.
In the fall of 2017, a cloud of radioactive materials fell over Europe, which scientists have until recently been unable to trace to its source. This year, the former Plutonium production plant in Kutepova’s hometown, now a nuclear processing plant, was finally found to have been the cloud's point of origin.
Strangely, even in our overly visual world, sound has often been used in scientific data collection technologies related to the earth – think geiger counters and infrasonic monitors. shred the means is a sonic practice edging toward the sound that boils over the edge of its own measurement, against the "colonial asset-making strategy"* of geologic science itself.
*Yusoff, Kathryn. 2018. A billion black Anthropocenes or none.
shred the means was presented at Beyond Beyond, a sonic installation space by Gretchen Blegen with live-performances by Mars Dietz, HATAM, Hila Lahav and Jasmine Guffond. With remote viewing reports by Catalina Insignares and Carolina Mendonça.
This is a recording of the live performance.