Photo by Óscar Bärbosa for ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS "Homecoming - Greatest Hits!"

Mars Dietz (she/it) is a sound artist, composer and writer from Brooklyn, NY, living in Berlin, DE. Its hybrid background includes multi-channel sound performance, electronic music production, writing, club DJing, and further interdisciplinary media in an intensively research-driven practice bent on historical analysis. Areas of focus include histories and fallout of extractivism; a critique of the human, rights, and human rights; and semi-fictionalized, transtemporal epistolary relation(s). Sometimes she also composes love songs about people and bodies of water.
Mars collaborates frequently with Berlin-based choreographers and multimedia artists as a composer and sound designer for theatrical performances, films and installations. Mars is a resident of the Berlin club night BODYSNATCH Berlin, now in its 11th year, where it performs as a DJ under the name Sapphic Faggot.
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