Alive Presents: Some Murder Theatre in Here at Volksbühne Grüner Salon, Photographer: Marcelina Wellmer

Alive Presents: Some Murder Theatre in Here, is a workshop and performance series conceived by Emma Howes and Justin Kennedy to research and analyze the experience and translatability of trance forms. The resulting durational lucid operas traditionally begin with a four hour ‘cave-rave’ in which the participants dance continuously. The doors are then opened to the public, and an additional four-hours of murder mystery dinner theatre ensues where weird and eery chords and choreographies, storytelling, harpists and segways, meditations, leaf blowers, and smoke machines, unravel seamlessly. Blending into the Art Deco architecture of the Grüner Salon, green is the theme. The audience is offered ‘zymns zines’—a collection of lyrical content and artworks compiled by the participants. This handout is an invitation for the audience to sing and dance along, and to contribute to this evolving crime scene. The overall effect is one of a lucid dream where stories are interwoven between acts. The entire score is written on large mirrors in the space itself, and within the ‘zymns zine’ so that the audience can follow a shifting plot line—one that mirrors a sensation of reaching a liminal state.

Sound composition : Ethan Braun & Mars Dietz aka Sapphic Faggot
Distinguished guests: Rupert Enticknap, Johanna Lemke, Lulu Obermayer, Pedro Prazeres, Roomservice
Camera and edit: Fairmount Pictures
Photography: Marcelina Wellmer